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DELISTAB PR - New functional solution for gluten free & clean label fillings

DELISTAB PR is the new functional solution made in CHIMAB, for the production of fillings for fresh pasta, quiche or “cannelloni”. DELISTAB PR contains vegetable fibers and starches and it is developed for clean label  (with no E-number) and gluten free product concept.

DELISTAB PR can be added in the production mixture and it can offer the following functionalities:

  • Cost saving: yield improvement
  • The filling mantains its stable and traditional texture: DELISTAB PR is a hot and cold texturizing solution 
  • Thermostability increase: the filling mantains its characteristic texture during all product life stages
  • High Water Holding Capacity: the filling mantains the proper moisture content - it will be easily processable & even more creamier. The creaminess remains stable during all shelf life
  • Clean label and gluten free filling: DELISTAB PR allows to obtain an “E-number free” label

DELISTAB PR is easy-to-use and it can be customizable, according to different production or recipe needs, thanks to its ease of use and to the neutral colour and taste.

With a wide range of ingredients and a technical and scientific know-how, our technologists can develop the most suitable solution according to your needs: please contact CHIMAB – +39 049 9201496 or chimab@chimab.it


Stabilizing systems for ice-cream: CHIMAB solutions

Worldwide, the industrial & artisanal ice cream market has grown on average 4% annually. In Europe the sector amounts to 9 billion euros and in Italy, the leading European producer, production is divided between industrial (one third) and artisanal (two thirds) for a total of 2 billion. (Source: Tecnologie Alimentari N.8 2018)

Ice cream is an Italian excellence loved worldwide for its structure, creaminess and unique and inimitable variety of flavours. To be perfect it requires top quality ingredients and solutions.

Ice Cream & desserts addresses all manufacturers of industrial ice cream and frozen desserts, to support them in the daily challenge of innovating and improving the finished products in terms of structure, taste and wellness.

CHIMAB is attentive to lifestyle trends and to the needs of consumers, that choose good and healthy products and to the needs of industry, looking for solutions with high technological content. For ICE CREAM & DAIRY, CHIMAB proposes the CREMIGEL range, balanced emulsifying / stabilizing systems for milk-based ice creams.

CREMIGEL 30 is a hot-soluble emulsifying-stabilizing system for milk ice-cream with an excellent aromatic release and freshness on the palate. The texture of the finished product is smooth and creamy, with good resistance to melting, excellent air distribution and stable overrun. The use of CREMIGEL 30 prevents shrinkage and delays the appearance of ice crystals.

CREMIGEL 809 is a hot-soluble emulsifying-stabilizing system for milk-based ice-cream with pasteurization and homogenization. The finished product has excellent creaminess, good texture and excellent resistance to melting. During extrusion, the product is dry. Usable when you want maximum creaminess and resistance to thermal shock.

CREMIGEL 816 is ideal for use in milk ice cream, after pasteurization and homogenization. It is an emulsifying and stabilized system without carrageenans, with excellent cost advantages. The product is dry during extrusion: the use of CREMIGEL 816 prevents shrinkage and delays the appearance of ice crystals.

CREMIGEL FRG is a cost-saving balanced stabilizing system for the production of ice-creams with fruit or milk, as well as for non-gelled desserts, particularly suitable for cold applications.

The R&D laboratory of the ICE CREAM & DAIRY division of CHIMAB can develop innovative solutions and stabilizing systems in line with production needs. Please contact CHIMAB at chimab@chimab.it - +39 049 9201496